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Private individual

Private individual


We aim to ensure good management of all rights and obligations which concern your private, public, family and labour life, which ranges from advice and mediation, drawing up and analysing contracts and conducting legal proceedings, always in the light of a sound costs-benefits analysis.

Good management
By good management of your rights and obligations we mean that we will always attempt to advice and act in function of restoring, maintaining and/or improving your personal well-being in the broad sense of the word.

Rights and obligations
We are ready to assist you with a possible problem with your neighbour, your tenant or letter, your contractor and/or architect, your insurer, your employer, your family, your husband/spouse or partner, your children, your summons to appear before the police court, etc.

Costs and benefits
By a sound costs-benefits analysis we mean that we always strive for maximum transparency of the applied costs and fees and that we also attempt to avoid unnecessary operations and procedures in function of the efforts en legal feasibility of the case.